Das Studium der Geschichte und Philosophie erfordert eine umfassende Rezeption einschlägiger Primär- und Sekundärliteratur. Franks Lesungen zielen auf einen Kompromiss aus hohem Anspruch und geringem Lesepensum. Mehr hier


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The periodization of Chinese history has always been one of the most delicate problems of historians. The Chinese persisted for a long time in the models of their dynasty history and treated each dynasty as a complete unity. Jacques Gernet,...


In 4000 Jahre Wissenschaft, Patricia Fara dares an adventure in historical science. She writes a history of science from the origins to the 21st century, from the Babylonians to genetic research and particle physics. In her book that is,...


4000 Jahre Entdeckungen und Erfindungen. This omnibus volume presents a unique, authentic and profound overview of the extensive history of Chinese science and technology over the past 4000 years. First time, it was published in 1978 by the...