History of Western Philosophy

Content of the Lecture

Ever since the Ionian enlightenment, beginning with Thales (c. 624-546 BC) and Anaximander (c. 610-546 BC), the nowadays so-called Western Civilization has a written tradition since the ancient greek, anatolian people attempted to turn away from mythical explanations about nature and society in order to turn towards reason instead. By doing so, those first philosophers of the ancient Greek civilization did not only challenge their own contemporaries, they challenge our way of thinking still today.

This introductory university lecture History of Western Philosophy pulls some main scholastic strings together from ancient pre-socratic philosophy and the early and late classical Attic, Hellenic, and Roman periods to the European middle ages and the era of the Western European Enlightenment.

Aims, Scope, and Learning Outcomes

This selective course is an open 32 hours university lecture conducted in English language at theDepartment of General Education in the School of Humanities, open for any student who is enrolled at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, providing 2 credit points. For further course details, please contact the program management of the Department of General Education on Liulin Campus in Chengdu, Wenjiang District.

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